lördag 13 augusti 2011

Moar games!

A few of us from my gaming group decided to hook up and play a few games. 11p painted was what we settled for, and still 2 out of 5 had unpainted figures and proxy'd a few models.
But it was ok, we are only just starting so its understandable that not everyone is a paintlover like me.

So we had:
- Circle Orboros (starting box + Gorax, - one of the Argus).
- Protectorate of Menoth (me with the starting box).
- Cryx (with starting box).
- Khador (with Butcher and dawg and two heavy jacks).
- Retribution of Scyrah (a supertweaked list, perfect for low point games against jack-heavy lists... I'll get to this below).

Since I had to visit the midwife to check up on my son's hearing and seeing (they were both perfect) I arrived a bit later than the others.
They had decided to play the games on 2x4ft, which was just as good since we only had the starting sets. My Circle-friend went up against Khador in what seemed to be a great game, ending with Butcher down to 3 boxes due to a semi-failed assassination attempt, but he snapped the victory after butchering (har-har) pKaya in the following turn. The game switched sides a few times and I wish I hadn't played my game and witnessed theirs instead.

My first game was pure disaster. I went up against a mega-tweaked list, perfect for killing warjack-lists (like all starting sets are) and got my ass handed to me, in pieces.
He had:

- Kaelyssa (I think)
- 1 Phoenix
- Mage Hunters Unit
- Assassin Mage Hunter

After killing his Mage Hunter Solo with my Repenter I was basically owned for the rest of the game, his combo of the spell that makes one model stationary + the one that transfers damage to my warcaster for every box my warjack is damaged + the Mage Hunters made fairly quick work with me. Failing the rolls on my feat-turn didn't help either.
Anyway, I bet he had a blast, me not so much.
It reminded me in some ways of when an old friend of mine taught me how to play Magic the Gathering by giving me a red deck, and himself having a white deck with circle of protection: red.
All I really learned was that I will never play against that fellow again.
Ok, it was not that harsh, since his list will not be this overpowered when we reach higher point games, so I will definately play him again, no hard feelings even if he claimed that he just chose with the looks in regard.... (yahh.. right...).

My next game was against Cryx and it was a much closer game than the one before.
He charged his little chickenjacks at me with the bigger one following behind them and his Warcaster behind that.
The game was mostly distinguished by the feeble dice rolls from both of us with nothing dying in the first two-three turns.
After a few turns I got to taste the danger of ghostwalk. He kicked his feat off and walked his big Bonejack right through my Repenter and Crusader and up to my Warcaster. Once again feeble rolls snuck in and after getting Kreoss down to just 5 boxes he missed with his headbutt-powerattack so my Caster survived. I beat his Bonejack up seriously (only a few boxes remaining) with my Caster in the next turn, and missed with both a boosted attack AND my extra attack with my Repenter. His next turn he once again used ghostwalk but this time on one of the smaller chickenjacks but failed to do any damage with it, and thanks to his Bonejack being massively damaged he didn't take any boxes either.
In my final turn my Warcaster killed his Bonejack and my fully boosted Crusader and a Repenter and took out his Warcaster once and for all.

The best part in that battle was when I forgot my feat. Twice. During the feat turn.


Otherwise I would probably have gotten his smaller jacks down. But hey, I still won and it was a much more satisfying game (not only because I won) than the first one.