lördag 22 september 2012

Nightmares made real...

I got (or rather took on...) the work of painting the Cryx Battle Engine, Wraith Engine.

It was a nightmare (har-har) to build, lots of gaps and spikes,
I wanted to try out the great looking OSL from the Wrath-book and sprayed some white on what was to be the inside and I am quite pleased on how it turned out.

Incredibly menacing pose!


 I hope to wreck it soon enough... before it eats my soul.

Long time no update (yet again)...

My latest 65pts
A few weeks back me and my friends jumped at the opportunity to play WM/H with some of Swedens best players in a cup in our local store.

Needless to say, my first game against Legion and Saeryn was ... quite an embarrassement. But I didn't feel so annoyed or irritated as I usually do when I lose. Partly because I have never played against Legion before, and my opponent played one of the best Warlocks in the whole game and is a Protectorate-player.

Anyway, we needed three fully painted 50p lists with reinforcements so I had to work pretty fast to paint up the models needed.

Thought I should share a few pictures of my freshly painted miniatures!
I decided to put down enough work on Eiryss2 to feel really pleased with her, and her cloak is painted with six layers of different greens and a few thinned out washes.

It turned out just as I wanted.

Regarding her base, I have decided to put all of my mercs on cobblestone bases made from greenstuff.

Since I didn't want to bring my favourite 'Casters (for some stupid reason...) I decided on Thyra, Severius2 and Feora2.
I'm not a huge fan of Severius standing on his priests' back so I removed them and made a new base from cork, slates and sand.
My second Reckoner needed a more dynamic pose, so I gave him a new base as well and pulled one leg back and bent one arm a little more outwards.

tisdag 17 april 2012

The Testament and the Vessel of Judgement

Another Warcaster to my collection done and ready to wreck face! :)

(Just gotta fix a few small things and the front arc on the base.)

He didn't fare very well in my first game, but then again my opponent cheated (unknowingly according to him....) so it doesn't really count.
I used to think that I should only get a few casters, learn their playstyles and I quickly decided against a certain few since I thought they were obviously bad.

I also managed to finish my Vessel of Judgement. It will probably be blown apart in round 2 of nearly every game I use it in (not because it's crazy good, but because its a battle engine and I suppose most people tend to give it more credit than it's due), but it's all part of the game.
It just means I gotta finish painting my Menofixer so he can hug it and hopefully repair the eventual damage it's gonna get.

Might have to field it on thursday, 35p late night gaming!

torsdag 5 april 2012

Vs. Cryx and Scyrah

Ahhhhh... I love the smell of Menoth's fury in the morning.
Although the games netted me two losses, I actually won one by default, and lost the other with my flag held high. :)

First battle was against pGoreshade with my brand new Testament-list, where I had him by the balls up until he got help, advice, guidelines, tactics, tips and tricks (basically everything but rolling his dice) from one of the 1337-players we had invited...
He managed to get a slam on my Reckoner, rolling enough to reach the Testament, knocking him over, charging his own models with Goreshade, popping his feat and then charging my sleeping warcaster with the Bane Thralls.

"Game over man, game over!"

... but it turned out he had used a list with 43p and not 35 like I had... meaning I actually won the game by default, but I wont take any credit for it (except pointing it out to him every time I meet him from now on). :)

My next game was 50p of Harbringer against 50p Ossyan.
Prior to the game I thought to myself not to get too stressed up and dismayed over this game, since he was, after all, a much more experienced WM-player than I am, and had built his lists for the Swedish Masters taking place this coming weekend on Gothcon.

We got the "Sacrifice-scenario" (or rather, I rolled for it), which was totally new to me.
I sent my Errants + Vilmon + Nicia + Rhupert + Covenant up towards the control zone. Which was something that turned out fairly effective. :)
In fact, I barely missed one attack roll (I know I missed the first one with Nicia though, otherwise I would've gotten the first point and might've won by CP, but nevertheless) or any of my many, many damage rolls.
My opponent on the other hand missed with more or less everything he threw at me, and when he actually did take my models down, I had tough and no knockdown to celebrate his deeds with.

In the end, he couldn't clear me out of the zone so he had to go for the casterkill, which he succeeded in with 2 jacks, 3 bow-dudes, his caster and a sniper.

So victory was his, and rightly so. :)

After-match thoughts:
• Full Errants + UA + Tough and no KD is pretty freaking silly and hard to get rid off, especially when you throw in Nicia in the mix. Not that she brings any buffs or anything like that, but she is INCREDIBLE. Love the little girl already.
• Bring Vassals. I should've just left the Knights Exemplars at home for this fight, and taken two Vassals to go all-out on shooting with the Vanquisher and Reckoner.
• A 6p Crusader is a perfect "throw away" jack, I had him a bit back to try and use him as a counter-charge-jack in case my opponent played aggressively, but he didn't do anything for the whole game.
• Harby is so much fun to play. :) She needs to be a bit more centered though, even if she at least was way out of range of the Mage Hunters, I might've used her spells a lot more if I didn't play her so overly defensively.

All in all, a great game, and a game where I learned about how other opponents think and act.
He was obviously a bit more experienced than me, both regarding his own list, the scenario and the game as a whole (I have only played Harbringer once before), but it didn't feel like I was totally bashed away.
Given that I rolled very good with my Errants and Nicia, but on the other hand he blasted two of my heavy warjacks in one turn with just 4 Mage Hunters. But it just feels good to know that even if me and my gaming group are still rather new to the game, we are by no means push-overs and totally lost.



Gaming Thursday! +Update!+

Gaming day today, wicked sweet awesomesauce!

Decided to take my Harby list with a few teaks, like so:

• Harbringer +6
- Reckoner 8p
- Crusader 6p
- Hierophant 2p

- Full Exemplar Errants + UA 10p
- Min Choir 2p
- Dartan Vilmon 3p
- Nicia 2p
- Covenant 2p
- Rhupert 2p
- Vassal Mech 1p
- Wracks 1p

35p all in all. I tried something similiar against my main antagonist on oneeyedpainter, and the list was really good, but I want to try out Nicia so she + the Menofixer took the places of two Paladins.

I will also bring my brand new Testament! Although he isn't really finished, I'm hoping he can bring some nice tweaks and shenanigans to the table (incorporeal Avatar.... mmmmmmm) but we will see how it fares:

• Testament of Menoth +6
- Reckoner 8p
- Hierophant 2p

- Avatar of Menoth 11p
- Choir of Menoth 2p
- Full TFG with UA 8p
- Knights Exemplar 5p
- Ke Seneschal 3p
- Vassal of Menoth 2p

Also 35p of nastiness, hoping to have a few nasty tricks up my sleave with either 3 shots from the Reckoner, or a freaky Enliven + Hallowed Avenger move on either the Avatar or the Reckoner.
Let's hope it all goes well, our host has invited two players from gotapair.se (swedish WM/H forums) to come and eat our spleens. It will be fun to try and fight more seasoned players!

I will be back later with the results. :)



My dear friend forgot to tell me that it was 50p today, that schmeghead.

So here's my revised 50p Harbringerlist:

• Harbringer +6
- Crusader 6p
- Reckoner 8p
- Vanquisher 8p
- Hierophant 2p

• Exemplar Errants, full unit + UA 10p
• Choir, min 2p
• Knights Exemplar 5p
• Visgoth Rhoven and Friends 4p
• Dartan Vilmon 3p
• Nicia 3p
• Rhupert 2p
• Covenant 2p
• Vassal of Menoth 2p

I decided to keep the Testament at 35p since I haven't used him before and he seems a bit more demanding and complicated than the Harbringer, I will probably get a 35p game today as well so I will use him anyway.

söndag 1 april 2012

Flaming daughters and salivating fire-robot

Almost got my Fire of Salvation and Daughters of the Flame (I just want to type "Emperor" instead of "Flame" for some reason...).
They are quite funny to paint actually, it goes fairly fast, I have now finished the red and have only the faces, the metals and a few touch-ups before they are ready.
Next project will be my Vessel of Judgement, though I should really finish my Knights Errant but they are so daunting to paint (especially after having painted one full unit + ua and Seneschal of Errants Exemplars, AND a unit of KE + Seneschal already).

Though I must say, I am quite pleased with the rate at which I'm getting done with my Menites.
When I'm done with the Daughters I will have TFG + UA, Zealots + UA, Errants + UA, KE, Daughters, Rhoven and friends, and then I haven't even mentioned my solos, jacks and casters! :)

Meaning I have only the KE's on my shelf to finish, and one Crusader, the Vessel, a Repenter and a few solo's to go before all of
it's painted.

Good times, good times.

(Then I have to finish my Merc's and the Skorne....)


The 2012 painting pledge is actually doing wonders for my lazy painting-nerve, I have never finished this many models in such a short time before, and actually enjoyed it, even though I paint "under preassure".

With the rate I'm finishing up models at the moment, I will be out of miniatures to paint by the end of the year, what a disaster!



On another sidenote, by thursday this week, my gaming group will actually invite a more experienced player to join us for some thursday action funsies.

I suspect we will get our asses kicked properly, but I'm still looking forward to it! :)

lördag 31 mars 2012

Long'o time'o ago'o

Took me long enough to update the blog, sorry about that.

I have been playing loads of games (and buying loads of miniatures as well...), and I even entered the 2012 painting pledge (to paint at least 5p worth of WM/H mini's each month for the whole year), and also sold off my Lizardmen, Chaos (not the Sons of Malice though), Lizardmen and Necron-armies.
So I guess one could say I've really dug myself down in the PP universe.

I have discovered the awesome might of eKreoss T4-list at 35p (I have yet to lose a game with it), in fact it seems so good that I won't use it again for a while (or until someone asks me to play it) and have set my eyes on the Harbringer.
My Warcaster cadre at the moments stands at Harbringer, pKreoss, eKreoss, pSeverius and Reznik.
As soon as I get my Vessel of Judgement together (at the moment it sits there, staring at me, primed and ready to get painted and assembled...) I will try the Holy Zombie Reznik-army. :)
I would also like to try out his NQ theme list "Knocking on Heavens Door" but it requires me to buy a whole lot of Steelhead Mercs so it will have to wait a while.

So for my next caster I went with something less "point and click"-like and I have now set my eyes on the Testament.

Not only is his model made of awesome, he has cool fluff and seems to bring a few funky spells and abilites to the table.
Urcaen's Gate, Essence of Dust, Reclaim and the Omegus are all very neat and interesting (no moar sowlz fer yoo Kricks!), plus I can see uses for all of his spells that might drive a few opponents crazy.

I might pick him up early next week to field him on thursday (if I can get the time for it) together with Deliverers (they can also find a place in a pKreoss pop'n'drop-list).

Guessing I'm up against Circle (as usual...) and Cryx, it might be some interesting match-ups! I will be back with the results!