söndag 1 april 2012

Flaming daughters and salivating fire-robot

Almost got my Fire of Salvation and Daughters of the Flame (I just want to type "Emperor" instead of "Flame" for some reason...).
They are quite funny to paint actually, it goes fairly fast, I have now finished the red and have only the faces, the metals and a few touch-ups before they are ready.
Next project will be my Vessel of Judgement, though I should really finish my Knights Errant but they are so daunting to paint (especially after having painted one full unit + ua and Seneschal of Errants Exemplars, AND a unit of KE + Seneschal already).

Though I must say, I am quite pleased with the rate at which I'm getting done with my Menites.
When I'm done with the Daughters I will have TFG + UA, Zealots + UA, Errants + UA, KE, Daughters, Rhoven and friends, and then I haven't even mentioned my solos, jacks and casters! :)

Meaning I have only the KE's on my shelf to finish, and one Crusader, the Vessel, a Repenter and a few solo's to go before all of
it's painted.

Good times, good times.

(Then I have to finish my Merc's and the Skorne....)


The 2012 painting pledge is actually doing wonders for my lazy painting-nerve, I have never finished this many models in such a short time before, and actually enjoyed it, even though I paint "under preassure".

With the rate I'm finishing up models at the moment, I will be out of miniatures to paint by the end of the year, what a disaster!



On another sidenote, by thursday this week, my gaming group will actually invite a more experienced player to join us for some thursday action funsies.

I suspect we will get our asses kicked properly, but I'm still looking forward to it! :)

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