tisdag 17 april 2012

The Testament and the Vessel of Judgement

Another Warcaster to my collection done and ready to wreck face! :)

(Just gotta fix a few small things and the front arc on the base.)

He didn't fare very well in my first game, but then again my opponent cheated (unknowingly according to him....) so it doesn't really count.
I used to think that I should only get a few casters, learn their playstyles and I quickly decided against a certain few since I thought they were obviously bad.

I also managed to finish my Vessel of Judgement. It will probably be blown apart in round 2 of nearly every game I use it in (not because it's crazy good, but because its a battle engine and I suppose most people tend to give it more credit than it's due), but it's all part of the game.
It just means I gotta finish painting my Menofixer so he can hug it and hopefully repair the eventual damage it's gonna get.

Might have to field it on thursday, 35p late night gaming!

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