tisdag 13 september 2011

15p Menoth Vs. Circle... again...


I'll just keep it short, it has to be getting a bit boring to read these battle rep's now...

PoM (same as last time):
- pKreoss
- Hierophant
- Crusader
- Repenter
- Choir (min)
- Bastions (min)
- Wracks

- pKaya
- Feral Warpwolf
- 2 Argos
- Gorax

We rolled for deployment and I won the roll and opted to go first.

Turn 1:

I advanced up towards the building in the middle, casting Defenders Ward of the Bastions, and casting Lamentation to have it upkept through the battle (pretty effective against Hordes it seems). I then split the force and let the Bastions take the right side of the building and the rest on the left side.

He switched sides with his Wolf and one Argos, splitting the army in two and advance towards me.

Turn 2:

Ok, let's face it, this time I was the lucky one. There was not too many shabby rolls on my behalf this evening, I can only remember two stinky rolls on my behalf, all of the others were average or above. So I guess it evens out in the long run. :)

Anyhow, this turn was when stuff went down hill for my opponent.
I moved Kreoss closer to the building and popped the feat, knocking down everyone of his models in one go. Sweet so far. The Bastions killed the Warpwolf and a boosted Repenter seriously hurt both one Argos and the Gorax, crippling their spirit (I think it was, the one which causes them to be unable to get forced).
The last thing I did was moving up the Crusader next to the Repenter (quite a menacing team).

Wow, he had taken quite a beating, not realizing just how dangerous Bastions-on-the-charge could be (POW12 with Reach and Weapon master + charge is pretty dang nasty), and it cost him his Warpwolf. I can't really blame him though, they got eaten by the Lord of Feast last game, not too inspiring or frightening. Also having two out of three surviving beasts with a crippled spirit might not be a great way to go all in offensively.

He decided to take a few steps back and heal as much as he could to get in for a charge in his next turn.

Turn 3:

I love Reach. It's especially good on slow models, now they got another 2" threat range thanks to it, making them formidable as long as they are not tied up in melee.

This turn, I decided to try to tie up the Warcaster in melee with my Bastions, their Sanguine Bond makes them very hard to kill if used correctly, and then charge in with my Warjacks to finish her off in my next turn.
... and it worked out great. I scored a few boxes on her and opened up for a charge during my next turn.
The rest of the force advanced to go for the kill in the next round.

At this point there really wasn't too much for him to do, he tried to kill the Bastions in melee, but the SB mentioned above was just too powerful and he just managed to kill one of them. And thanks to their ability and a mistake by my opponent by killing them in the wrong order, one of the Argos eventually ended up outside of melee range.

The final turn ended swiftly after I charged his remaining Argos with my Repenter, and killing it and just moving one Bastion slightly behind the other one I got at charge in with my Crusader on Kaya and he made pretty short work of her.

My thoughts after the battle:
Those Bastions are SCARY when they get to charge, also with Defenders Ward on them they are very, very hard to kill, thanks to both the spell and their Sanguine Bond.
I was very satisfied to see him getting lured into my trap (It's a trap!), underestimating the might of the Bastions (thanks to them being useless in our last battle). Also crippling his force early on with the killing of the Warpwolf and the crippling of two other beasts turned the battle in my favour.

Although I must admit, I can't really see the purpose of pKaya on points as low as this, he might've fared better with someone else leading his army.

But still, very satisfying win, my tactics worked perfectly, and for once, the Dice Gods were on my side (probably thanks to my army being fully painted for the first time!).

lördag 10 september 2011

My Menoth army in all its fully paint'edness!

So, here's a few pics of my Menoth army and all that I've painted and finished this far.

Monolith + Holy Zealots and Reckoner and warjacks
(I am very pleased with the stone effect on the Zealots menofix as well as on the weapons on the Reckoner.)

Hierophant and Choir of Menoth
(I think the menofix on the Choir Priest turned out pretty sweet.)

Eiryss and Bastions
(Eyriss cloak was painted with nothing but Thraka green wash, up from a white basecoat.)

Full army shots.
(Pics of the Wracks will be up later, the other cameras batteries went out while taking pictures...)

My Orboros-friend (and brother-in-law)

Thought I'd give a heads'up about his own blog with his mini's and games if anyone is interested in them. :)


Good stuff over there!

fredag 9 september 2011

15p Menoth Vs. Circle

I know, it's getting a bit dull reading about me getting my ass kicked all the time but that's all I can give you at the moment. :C

We tried to go for a quick game, but it took us two hours to complete (still a bit noobish I suppose).

This time we didn't take notes when fighting but my friend took a few pics to show off all of our (... my...) new terrain. It looks marvellous, not even since my older 40k days have I played on such a diverse and awesome battlefield with a wizard tower, two ruins, four patches of forests (a few too many when fighting Circle...) and a hill, all of it painted and ready.

(Please excuse the bags in the background, we had laundry day...)

Thoughts from the battle:
  • My opponents feeble double-1 roll on his last Lord of the Feast-attack on my last Bastion. That was _quite_ satisfying.
    Unless you consider the fact that he had just killed the other two Bastions, and then later went on to almost kill my Caster after butchering most of my choir. (Lord of the Feast is retarded awesome, at least on this level.)
  • My own feeble double-1 roll during my feat turn while trying to roast his Argos (with it's survival, this critical miss most likely cost me the entire game... Stupid Repenter...).
  • My opponents inability to roll anything beneath average (except for the above statement).
  • He took down my last boxes on pKreoss with his Warlock on his very last roll for his turn. The EXACT amount of boxes. Insane.
  • My Repenter survived the attacks from a Woldwarden (for two turns) and one Gorax (for one turn) without any system failures. That rocked. Even though I will never forgive him for his critical miss.
  • I lost because I have not yet painted ALL of my army. The dice gods do not favour me yet...
... until next time tree huggers, until next time...

måndag 5 september 2011

Terrain time: Ruins of SvFF

First off, apologies for the crappy pic-quality, I took the shots with my iPhone3gs in bad lighting.

So, I'm currently working on a few wall sections, but got sidetracked when I found a bunch of old 40k ruins (from 3rd edition I think) and decided to make a small ruined building.

I found a few 40k bits to use, and clipped and snapped a few sprue pieces and glued a bunch of small rocks to the base as well.
I found one of the brass sprues with leaves and small branches from the Fantasy Basing Kit and glued them to the side of one of the corner pillars.

At first, I thought I would just turn this into a generic ruin, but after todays totally idiotic decision from the swedish football association (SvFF) I changed one small thing during the painting process.

I sprayed it black, gave it a drybrush with Citadel Foundation Adeptus Battlegrey, a lighter wash of Codex Grey, and for the floor tiles I used a mix between the old Citadel Brown Wash and Scorched Brown, with a drybrush with Bestial Brown, and after that a Devlan Mud wash.

The point was to make it feel abandoned and starting to get overgrown, and I think it turned out good. :)

Terrain time: Tower of Gargamel


After nerd-raging over the swedish football association's latest moronic decision I felt that I needed something else to do, to take my mind off of things.

So, back to the tower I was teasing about a few posts ago, it is now done (might add a few bits when I find my bits box again...).

In case any one is interested, it is made out of a pringles tube, an empty toilet paper roll, loads of cardboard and thin card.
To get the rough surface I used some filler, and also used it to cover the holes in the base where I used cardboard to make the tower feel higher.

I then sprayed it white (using Army Painters White Primer... since it's utter rubbish using on miniatures), gave it a nice greyish wash and drybrushed it with white. The door and windows were painted in gold and then got a Gryphonne Sepia wash.
For the roof tiles I just washed them with Citadels old Blue Wash (not available anymore) as it coats a bit better than their new one.

For the base I used a few bits from GW's fantasy basing kit, just to show that the wizard living in this (tidy and fairly clean) tower is serious business.
In case you can't see it from the poor quality there's a pile of skeletons, a horse skeleton, a chaos star and a broken shield.

Turned out pretty nice I think, could maybe do with a few more "dirty" washes to make it look a bit more intimidating, and also a few more bits to make it stand out better.

(Just another angle to show the lean-out tower top.)
It took me a total of two or three nights to finish, although the nights were spread out with about three weeks in between...

So, usable in WHFB or WM alike. Could probably use it in a "backwards planet" gaming table in 40k as well I guess.

torsdag 1 september 2011

Menoth vs. Circle 19p

My friend and I decided to try out a game of 19 points against each other on a 4' x 4' feet field.

Since I don't have any real 19p list I gave it a try with my 15p Reznick-list + a repenter.
It didn't work out too well...
My list:
- Reznick,
- Reckoner,
- Repenter,
- Max. Holy Zealots,
- 3 Wracks,
- Min. Choir
- Madelyn Corbeau
- Hierophant

I had hopes of a possible overpowered assassination-run since we had quite a field to play in, plus Reznik is a monster in melee. At least.. that was the plan...

He fielded:
- Krueger
- Warpwolf
- Gorax
- 2 Argus
- 6 Wolves of Orboros

The roll-off ended with me being the first deployer and attacker.


Protectorate of Menoth: (Marked in white on the photos) Ok, before you chop my head off, I realised (way too late) that I didn't need to deploy my Wracks THIS far up the field, more on that later.
I placed my Warjacks and Reznick + Hierophant + Madelyn on my far right, for some sort of a flanking manouvre, and my Zealots in the middle of the field, planning to go for a refused flank tactic.

Circle Orboros: (Marked in brown on photos) Two Argus' and Wolves of Orboros on his left (facing my caster and jacks) and his Warpwolf and Gorax on his right (facing my Zealots).

Turn 1:

PoM: Advancing up field, nothing fancy, casting Iron Aggression on the Reckoner. Turned my Zealots inwards towards my right flank.

CO: He started by casting something really nasty on his Warpwolf and made him fly over the building trying to charge my Zealots but he came up just short of them, but in a great position for next round. Otherwise just advancing with his other beasts, then casting something lightning'y (Electrical Tendrils he tells me) on his Wolves, giving them reach and and chain lightning. He then charged them at my Zealots, killing 4 in just two hits. Ouch. First blood to Circle Orboros.

Turn 2:

PoM: I desperately threw Fire bombs on his Wolves, killing all but one, and also taking a few boxes off of his Gorax with another rather lucky bomb. My choir-pumped Reckoner and Repenter killed one of the Argus in a fine display of "BURN HERETICS, BURN" but I was getting more than a bit nervous about his WW who could now do as he pleased with my Zealots.
I decided to sacrifice them to get Reznick into a better position for the next turn, and I felt a bit confident that this might work out according to plan...

CO: Wow. He seriously messed up my plans by going after the two Wracks (yellow circles) that were close enough for him, his remaining Wolf of Orboros with reach blew up the first Wrack, killing all but three Zealots and himself. The remaing Argus then charged my other Wrack, turning two choir boys into mush and hurting my Hierophant and Madelyn with a few boxes, as well as Reznick... Doh.
His WW charged the remaining Zealots and killed the two he could reach (leaving me with just one poor bomb hurling mainiac).

Turn 3:

PoM: Ok. I admit it, my overconfidence in my warcaster cost me his life. I overvalued his capabilities in melee against a Warpwolf.
I decided to go for the kill of his WW since his death would mean that there were not much my opponent could do to hurt me once it was off the field.
I used Madelyns ability to get the extra 3", plus casting Engine of Destruction on Reznick, giving him a wicked 11" charge range with boosted abilities, plus I saved up a few focus to make sure I finished the big bad wolf off.
Two damage rolls of 5 and then 6 on THREE DICE cost me this game, I was nowhere near killing it. It didn't matter that I one-shot his Argus with my Reckoner, or that the Repenter was closing in rapidly on his Warlock. My feeble rolls and overconfidence lost me the game.

CO: He didn't have to do anything really, with three fury-boosted attacks, his Warpwolf ate me alive.

Circle Orboros Win.

All in all, two turns of more or less even destruction on both camps, and on e turn of moronic overconfidence. I should have hung back towards my Warjacks and maybe getting a shot or two off to take him down a few boxes. But I didn't, and my opponent ate me alive fair and square.
His plan to attack the Wracks turned out great, decimating my Zealots and my choir as well as taking a few boxes off of Madelyn, the Hierophant and Reznick. And limit me to just one Wrack.

... can't wait until next time! The Creator shall have his revenge on the heretic followers of the Devourer.

Absence! (... and a tower.)

My apologies for being absent this long, summer time and vacation and trips and stuff came across my blogging, hopefully it will be a bit more frequent now that I'm back!

As a little teaser, here's a WIP of my wizard tower called "Gargamels Tower" (not the sexual wizard tower... Robert...).

Made out of a pringles tube, a toilet paper roll, shitloads of thin card, a few bits from GW's fantasy basing kit (a few really good pieces in it to be honest).

I used some filler to get a nice surface to paintas well as covering up spots on the cardboard at the base.

The most time consuming bit was cutting and gluing all the individual roof panels on...