torsdag 5 april 2012

Gaming Thursday! +Update!+

Gaming day today, wicked sweet awesomesauce!

Decided to take my Harby list with a few teaks, like so:

• Harbringer +6
- Reckoner 8p
- Crusader 6p
- Hierophant 2p

- Full Exemplar Errants + UA 10p
- Min Choir 2p
- Dartan Vilmon 3p
- Nicia 2p
- Covenant 2p
- Rhupert 2p
- Vassal Mech 1p
- Wracks 1p

35p all in all. I tried something similiar against my main antagonist on oneeyedpainter, and the list was really good, but I want to try out Nicia so she + the Menofixer took the places of two Paladins.

I will also bring my brand new Testament! Although he isn't really finished, I'm hoping he can bring some nice tweaks and shenanigans to the table (incorporeal Avatar.... mmmmmmm) but we will see how it fares:

• Testament of Menoth +6
- Reckoner 8p
- Hierophant 2p

- Avatar of Menoth 11p
- Choir of Menoth 2p
- Full TFG with UA 8p
- Knights Exemplar 5p
- Ke Seneschal 3p
- Vassal of Menoth 2p

Also 35p of nastiness, hoping to have a few nasty tricks up my sleave with either 3 shots from the Reckoner, or a freaky Enliven + Hallowed Avenger move on either the Avatar or the Reckoner.
Let's hope it all goes well, our host has invited two players from (swedish WM/H forums) to come and eat our spleens. It will be fun to try and fight more seasoned players!

I will be back later with the results. :)



My dear friend forgot to tell me that it was 50p today, that schmeghead.

So here's my revised 50p Harbringerlist:

• Harbringer +6
- Crusader 6p
- Reckoner 8p
- Vanquisher 8p
- Hierophant 2p

• Exemplar Errants, full unit + UA 10p
• Choir, min 2p
• Knights Exemplar 5p
• Visgoth Rhoven and Friends 4p
• Dartan Vilmon 3p
• Nicia 3p
• Rhupert 2p
• Covenant 2p
• Vassal of Menoth 2p

I decided to keep the Testament at 35p since I haven't used him before and he seems a bit more demanding and complicated than the Harbringer, I will probably get a 35p game today as well so I will use him anyway.

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