torsdag 5 april 2012

Vs. Cryx and Scyrah

Ahhhhh... I love the smell of Menoth's fury in the morning.
Although the games netted me two losses, I actually won one by default, and lost the other with my flag held high. :)

First battle was against pGoreshade with my brand new Testament-list, where I had him by the balls up until he got help, advice, guidelines, tactics, tips and tricks (basically everything but rolling his dice) from one of the 1337-players we had invited...
He managed to get a slam on my Reckoner, rolling enough to reach the Testament, knocking him over, charging his own models with Goreshade, popping his feat and then charging my sleeping warcaster with the Bane Thralls.

"Game over man, game over!"

... but it turned out he had used a list with 43p and not 35 like I had... meaning I actually won the game by default, but I wont take any credit for it (except pointing it out to him every time I meet him from now on). :)

My next game was 50p of Harbringer against 50p Ossyan.
Prior to the game I thought to myself not to get too stressed up and dismayed over this game, since he was, after all, a much more experienced WM-player than I am, and had built his lists for the Swedish Masters taking place this coming weekend on Gothcon.

We got the "Sacrifice-scenario" (or rather, I rolled for it), which was totally new to me.
I sent my Errants + Vilmon + Nicia + Rhupert + Covenant up towards the control zone. Which was something that turned out fairly effective. :)
In fact, I barely missed one attack roll (I know I missed the first one with Nicia though, otherwise I would've gotten the first point and might've won by CP, but nevertheless) or any of my many, many damage rolls.
My opponent on the other hand missed with more or less everything he threw at me, and when he actually did take my models down, I had tough and no knockdown to celebrate his deeds with.

In the end, he couldn't clear me out of the zone so he had to go for the casterkill, which he succeeded in with 2 jacks, 3 bow-dudes, his caster and a sniper.

So victory was his, and rightly so. :)

After-match thoughts:
• Full Errants + UA + Tough and no KD is pretty freaking silly and hard to get rid off, especially when you throw in Nicia in the mix. Not that she brings any buffs or anything like that, but she is INCREDIBLE. Love the little girl already.
• Bring Vassals. I should've just left the Knights Exemplars at home for this fight, and taken two Vassals to go all-out on shooting with the Vanquisher and Reckoner.
• A 6p Crusader is a perfect "throw away" jack, I had him a bit back to try and use him as a counter-charge-jack in case my opponent played aggressively, but he didn't do anything for the whole game.
• Harby is so much fun to play. :) She needs to be a bit more centered though, even if she at least was way out of range of the Mage Hunters, I might've used her spells a lot more if I didn't play her so overly defensively.

All in all, a great game, and a game where I learned about how other opponents think and act.
He was obviously a bit more experienced than me, both regarding his own list, the scenario and the game as a whole (I have only played Harbringer once before), but it didn't feel like I was totally bashed away.
Given that I rolled very good with my Errants and Nicia, but on the other hand he blasted two of my heavy warjacks in one turn with just 4 Mage Hunters. But it just feels good to know that even if me and my gaming group are still rather new to the game, we are by no means push-overs and totally lost.



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