lördag 22 september 2012

Long time no update (yet again)...

My latest 65pts
A few weeks back me and my friends jumped at the opportunity to play WM/H with some of Swedens best players in a cup in our local store.

Needless to say, my first game against Legion and Saeryn was ... quite an embarrassement. But I didn't feel so annoyed or irritated as I usually do when I lose. Partly because I have never played against Legion before, and my opponent played one of the best Warlocks in the whole game and is a Protectorate-player.

Anyway, we needed three fully painted 50p lists with reinforcements so I had to work pretty fast to paint up the models needed.

Thought I should share a few pictures of my freshly painted miniatures!
I decided to put down enough work on Eiryss2 to feel really pleased with her, and her cloak is painted with six layers of different greens and a few thinned out washes.

It turned out just as I wanted.

Regarding her base, I have decided to put all of my mercs on cobblestone bases made from greenstuff.

Since I didn't want to bring my favourite 'Casters (for some stupid reason...) I decided on Thyra, Severius2 and Feora2.
I'm not a huge fan of Severius standing on his priests' back so I removed them and made a new base from cork, slates and sand.
My second Reckoner needed a more dynamic pose, so I gave him a new base as well and pulled one leg back and bent one arm a little more outwards.

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